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Livros e Publicações
Livros e Publicações

1. Digital Signage Broadcasting – Content Management and Distribution Techniques
Autor: Lars-Ingemar Lundstrom

2. Digital Signage – Software, Networks, Advertising, and Displays:
A Primer for Understanding the Business.   
Autor: Jimmy Schaeffler

3. Revista rti : Redes, Telecom e Instalações
Voz, Dados e Imagens – Instalações e Tecnologias

4. IPTV Basics: Technology, Operation and Services.
Lawrence Harte

5. Video Over IP: IPTV, Internet Video, H.264, P2P, Web TV, and Streaming.
A Complete Guide to Understanding the Technology.
Wes Simpson

6. Increase Sales with Digital Signage, Ambiance Marketing, and Electronic Merchandising.
See It, Hear It, Experience It, Buy It!
Lynn Matson

7. Creating Customers With Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage.
By Robert S. Musa

8. Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage. Content Strategies for the 5th Screen.
By Keith Kelsen

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